This web page has its origin in a project subsidised by the University of the Basque Country (EHU 16/40). Under the title Subjectivity in practice-based artistic research, this project wants to explore the research dimension of artistic practice. From the title it takes the initials SIA – Subject, Research (Investigation in Spanish) and Art- that with the feminine article at first names laSIA.

This project tries to base the art practice as an experience of knowing, so that art investigation assumes in its process the art making as a way of producing knowledge. It is focussed in the way called 'art as research' (and also 'practice-based' research) that has been largely discussed in international forums on art and research all along the last decade; in this way of research the art production is a fundamental element of research process. In this way -and in relation to scientific research- the individual appears as condition and obstacle. The assumed attitude will be the object to be analysed in its condition of observer, producer and knowledge transmitter.

The main goal is to base this way of art research, giving to it theoretical basis and securing practical developments. To achieve this it's important to work in a more open context than the academic one, and that's why we propose the collaboration of SALA REKALDE, from Culture Department of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, whose working approach will enable to face the challenge of artistic research in contemporary world in a plural way by holding a SEMINAR during the school year 2017-18 and a series of CONFERENCES in January 11th and 12th, 2018.

This web site will serve at the beginning to inform about these activities and collect the work generated in them; also in a more general way, we hope to contribute to create a space of action, reflection and debate about the challenge of the artistic research in a plural way in the contemporary world.

See: DOCUMENTO CERO: Context and work lines
Fragment of the Research Project elaborated in May 2016. Status of the issue and possible lines of work